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All HandsThe entire ship's company, both the officer and enlisted
AllotmentAn amount of money to be withheld from pay and sent directly to another person or organization
Aye-ayeReply to an order or command meaning "I understand and will comply"
BarracksBuildings where Sailors live (onshore)
BelayTo make fast or secure, to cancel or to disregard statement just made
BowThe front of the ship
BridgePart of the ship's structure from which the ship is controlled when underway
BrigPlace of confinement, jail
Bunk or RackBed
Carry onAn order to resume work or duties
Cast offTo throw off; to let go; to unfurl
Chit, chit bookcoupon or receipt book
Chow hall (mess deck)Place to eat
ColorsRaising or lowering of a national flag, sunset for hoisting and hauling down the national ensign
Deckhorizontal planking or plating that divides a ship into layers (floor)
Ensignnational flag; commissioned officer between the ranks of chief warrant officer and lieutenant junior grade
FastSnugly secured
FathomA unit of length equal to 6feet used for measuring the depth of water
Field dayGeneral cleaning day, usually the day before inspection
First lieutenantOfficer responsible to the XO for the deck department/division aboard ship, or the command maintenance supervisor ashore
Flag officerAny commissioned officer in pay grade 0-7 or above
GangwayThe opening in a bulwark or lifeline that provides access to a brow;an order meaning to clear the way
Gear lockerStorage room
GeedunkCandy, gum, of cafeteria
General quartersBattle stations
Ground tackleAll the equipment used in mooring or anchoring a ship
HatchDoor or doorway
Irish pennantAny loose or untidy end of line
Jack boxAccess box to sound powered phone circuitry
LadderA device to allow movement of personnel from one level to another; stairs
LeaveAuthorized vacation
LibertyPermission to leave the base, usually for not more than 48 hours
LineWhat civilians call a rope
Mess deckEating area for the ship's crew
Officer of the Deck (OOD)Officer in charge of the ship and on deck as the captain's representative
Pogey baitAny deserts, sweets, candy, soda, etc.
PoliceTo straighten or tidy up
PortLeft side of ship
QuartersAssembling of all hands for muster, instruction and inspection
QuarterdeckThe ceremonial location on board ship when the ship is moored or at anchor
ReveilleWake up, start a new day
RudderSteers the ship
SculleryPlace to wash dishes
ScuttlebuttDrinking fountain or a rumor
SeabagBag used to stow his personal gear
SecureLock, put away or stop work
SickbayHospital or clinic
SkipperA term applied to a navy or marine captain who is in command
Square awayTo make tidy, neat, clean and secure
TapsTime to sleep, end of day
Turn toTo begin work
Very good, very wellResponse given by a senior to the report of a junior
WardroomOn board ship, the officer's living room and dining area
Weigh anchorTo hoist the anchor off the bottom

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