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FDICFederal Deposit Insurace Co. -protected bank deposits up to a certain amount
Social Security Act-provided unemployment insurance
WPAWorks Progress Admin. -employed blue and white collar workers
CCCCivilian Conservation Corps -planted trees and created park trails
NIRANational Industrail Recovery Act -increase business activity by limitng workers' hours, providing jobs, rasing wages, and stabilizing prices
AAAAgricultural Adjustment Admin. -paid farmers to reduce their output of their farms
TVATennessee Valley Authority -transformed economic & social life in a large region of the nation
WCAWagner Connery Act -guarenteed labor's rights to organize unions and bargin collectively
FERAFedreal Emergency Releif Admin. -gave jobs to unemployed & supported five million households
CWACivil Works Admin. -gave jobs to unemployed, building roads and repairing schools
IRAIndian Reorganization Act -tried to stop loss of Indian lands and preserve their culture
PWAPublic Works Admin. -industrial recovery & unemployment relief, buildings roads, dams, bridges
SECSecurities & Exchange Comission -protect public & private investors from stock market fraud (wall street)
HOLCHome Owners Loan Corp -refinance homes mortages
Fair Labor Standards Act-set a minimun wage
FSAFarm Security Admin -aid sharecroppers

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