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almanaca book published once a year with facts about a wide variety of subjects, such as the weather, history, and holidays
autobiographya book someone writes about his or her life
anecdotea short, often funny, true story about something that has happened in a peron's life
bibliographya list of books or articles about a subject
atlasa book of maps
biographya book about someone's life written by someone else
chronologicalevents arranged in the order in which they happened
diagrama drawing or plan that explains how something happens or works
facta statement that can be proved true and is backed up by data or evidence
glossaryan alphabetical list of words and definitions that help you understand important terms in a book
indexan alphabetical list that shows you where to find specific information in a book
infographican illustration used to show information or data
informational texttext that gives the reader facts about topics in the sciences, social studies, or the arts. Newspapers, magazines, and textbooks contain informational text
interviewa conversation in which someone asks another person questions about themselves, their work, and their ideas
journala diary in which a writer jots down his or her thoughts, feelings, and experiences
memoira book or essay that someone writes about his or her memories
narrative nonfictiontrue events written in story form, often including characters, dialog, and plot
opiniona statement that tells what someoone thinks about a topic. It cannot be proved true or false
persuasive essaya text in which the author tries to get readers to accept his or her viewpoint by giving reasons. Also known as opinion writing
procedurea set of instructions on how to complete a task or solve a problem
sourcea person, book, document, or website that provides information or evidence
statistica fact in the form of a number or percent
quotationa group of words taken from a text or speech and repeated by someone other than the original quthor or speaker
researchto study or learn new things about a topic, usually by reading a lot about it or by doing experiments
table of contentsa list of topics in a nonfiction text that tells you how information in that text is organized

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