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NounA word that names a person, place, thing, or idea.
Concrete Nounnames an object that can be seen, felt, touched, smelled, or tasted. Ex: book, flower, apple, sand
Abstract NounNames an idea quality or state of being Ex: curiosity, pride, independency, sadness
Collective NounRefers to a group of people or things. Ex: audience, crowd, staff
PronounA word used in place of a noun or another antecedent.
AntecedentNoun that a pronoun replaces.
Reflexive PronounReflects the action back upon the subject. (formed by adding self or selves to form personal pronouns... must have antecedent)
Intensive PronounAdds emphasis or intensifies a noun or pronoun Ex: The wait (itself) would take hours.
Demonstrative PronounPoints out specific nouns. Ex: this, that, these, those
Indefinite PronounDoesn't always refer to a person, place, or thing
Interrogative PronounUsed to ask a question Ex: who, whom, which, whose, what
Relative Pronounintroduces the subordinate clauses. Ex: who, whom, which, whose, that
First PersonS: I, Me (my, mine) P: we, us (our, ours)
Second PersonS: you (yours, your) P: you (yours, your)
Third PersonS: she, mine, he, hers, it P: they, them

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