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List the six classes of nutrients found in food?1) Carbohydrates 2) Proteins 3) Lipids 4) water 5) Minerals 6) vitamins
which are macronutrients and which are micronutrients?-Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and water are MACRO -Vitamins and Minerals are MICRO
Identify which of the nutrients yield energy and how many kcals/gram for each.1) Proteins- 4kcal/gram 2) Carbohydrates- 4kcal/gram 3) Lipids- 9kcal/gram 4) alcohol- 7kcal/gram
What is the DRI?Dietary Reference Intake -Supports specific bodily function -Half of the healthy population (average/mean)
which nutrients are organic and which are inorganic-Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamins are ORGANIC -Water and minerals are INORGANIC
What is the RDA?Recommended Dietary Allowances -Uses the EAR as a base -Exceed needs of practically all healthy populations -Considers deficiencies
What is the AI?Adequate Intake -Nutrient without an established EAR
What is the EER?Estimated Energy requirement -average daily energy intake (kcals)
What is the UL?Tolerable Upper Intake Level -Maximum daily amount -Appears safe for most healthy people -If intake is above the maximum will have an increased risk of adverse health effects
What is the AMDR?Acceptable Macro-Nutrient Distribution Range -Range of intakes for energy nutrients -Provide adequate energy and nutrients -Reduce risk of chronic disease -"% of kcals from..."
What is the recommended intake of nutrients for a 2000 calorie diet?2 cups of Fruits 2.5 cups of vegetables 6 oz of grains 5.5 oz of Proteins 3 cups of Dairy 6 tsp of oils/fats
What is the "Daily Value Percentage" for fats/oils?30% of kcals
What is the "Daily Value Percentage" for Carbohydrates?60% of kcals
What does Enriched mean? and what does Fortified mean?-Enriched means to replace nutrients that have been lost during refinement -Fortified means to add additional nutrients that were not in the original product
What is the "Daily Value Percentage" for fiber?11.5g per 1000 kcal
What does Essential nutrient mean?This means that the body can not produce enough of the given nutrient to sustain life and thus must be consumed for life to continue
What is the "Daily Value Percentage" for Proteins?10% of kcals
What are Phytochemicals?Is a broad name for a wide variety of compounds produced by plants. -Common names: Antioxidants, flavonoids, phytonutrients, falvones

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