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Polyploidyan organism or cell having more than 2 homologous (paired) sets of chromosomes
Postzygoticisolating mechanism that acts after fertilization to prevent the exchange of genes between populations
Prezygoticisolating mechanism that acts to prevent the fusion of gametes from different populations
Punctuation equilibriumlong periods of little evolutionary change (stasis) interrupted by short bursts of rapid selection
Reproductive isolationa barrier to breeding that exists due to differences in mating seasons or mating organs
Ring speciesspecial case of cline in which 2 ends of cline form a loop or ring
Sequential evolutionoccurring in a sequence
Sixth mass extinctionmass extinction of species cause by human activity in the past 10 thousand years
Speciationformation of a new species (the result of reproductive isolation)
Speciesa group of organisms that normally interbreed in nature to produce fertile offspring and belong to the same gene pool
Survival of the fittesta natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
Sympatric speciationspeciation occurring where organisms living within the same area are theoretically capable of interbreeding, but cannot because of difference in behaviour eg. Flowering times etc.
Variationa difference in structure, form or function from the recognized norm or standard
Vestigial structuresa structure that an organism has lost some or all of its function due to evolution

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