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OXYGENA part of the air that is needed by most plants and animals to live
ORGANISMA living thing that carries out five basic life functions on its own
CELLThe smallest unit of living matter
TISSUEA group of similar cells that work together to carry out a job
ORGANA group of tissues that work together to do a certain job
SYSTEMA group of parts that work together
ORGAN SYSTEMA group of organs that work together to carry on life functions
KINGDOMThe largest group into which an organism can be classified
TRAITA characteristic of a living thing
GENUSA group made up of two or more very similar species
SPECIESThe smallest group into which an organism is classified
FOSSILAny evidence of an organism that lived in the past.
EMBRYOA developing organism that results from fertilization
EXTINCTSaid of an organism no longer alive on Earth
ECOSYSTEMThe living and nonliving things in an environment, and all their interactions
COMMUNITYThe living part of an ecosystem
POPULATIONThe adding of harmful substances to the water, air, or land.
HABITATThe home of an organism
PRODUCERAn organism, such as a plant, that makes food
CONSUMERAny organism that eats the food producers make, or that eats other consumers.
DECOMPOSERAn organism that breaks down wastes and the remains of other organisms
FOOD CHAINThe set of steps in which organisms get the food they need to survive
FOOD WEBThe pattern that shows how food chains are related
DROUGHTA long period of time with little or no precipitation
OVERPOPULATIONA depletion of resources that occurs when too many of at least one kind of living thing inhabits an ecosystem.
POLLUTIONThe adding of harmful substances to the water, air, or land.
ACID RAINHarmful moisture that falls to Earth after being mixed with wastes from burned fossil fuels

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