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NounNames a person, place, thing or an idea.
SubjectTells who or what the sentance is about
Direct ObjectAnswers what or whom
Indirect ObjectAnswers 'to whom' or 'for whom'.
AppositiveTells more about another noun
Noun of direct addressNames something or someone spoken to
Predicate nominativeRenames the subject
Object of a prepositionFollows a preposistiob
SubjectThe leaves are green.
Indirect objectFrost gives the leaves their pretty colour.
AppositiveThe border, colourful fall leaves, brightens the bulletin board.
Noun of direct addressPretty leaves, you fall so softly to the ground.
Object of a prepositionOur sidewalk is covered with crisp, soft leaves.
Predicate nominativeThe crunch underfoot is crisp, Autumn leaves.
PronounA word that is used instead of a noun
PronounI, you, he, she, it, we, they, me,, you, him, her, us, you, them.
Nominative case personal pronounsused as subjects and predicate nominative
Objective case personal pronounsUsed as direct objects, indirect objects and objects of a preposition
Possessive case personal pronounsTake the place of possessive nous
Verb or verb phraseshows action or state of being
State of being verbam,is,are,was,were be, being, been
Action verbshows action
Action verbran, walked, spoke, traveled, rejoiced, gave, blasted
complete predicateTells what the simple subject does, is, or has.
Complete SubjectTells what the sentence is about
Direct objectFollows only a an action verb
Direct objectThe wind blew the leaves.
A predicate noun or pronounFollows only a state of being verb
Predicate nounThey are leaves.
AdjectiveA word which describes a noun or a pronoun
AdjectiveDescribes by tellng colour, number, or what kind
blue skythree trees
crunchy lettucehigh tower
Adjectivethis, that,these, those
Adjectiveall, both, few, many, other, several, neither, another, most
Helping verbsHelps the action verb and forms a verb phrase
Helping verbsam, is, are, was, were, has, have, had, may, might, must, shall, should, could, would, will have

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