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Densitythe amount of matter in one unit of volume.
Atomstiny particles that make up matter
Nucleustiny, extremely dense core of an atom
Electronstiny particles in an atom that circle the nucleus at a tremendous speed.
Neutrons-one of the two kinds of particles that make up the nucleus of an atom - has a neutral charge
Protons- one of the two kinds of particles that make up the nucleus of an atom. - positive charge
Neutrallacking an electrical charge
Shella set of electrons in an atom that orbit the nucleus at roughly the same distance
Atomic Numberthe number of protons in an atom
Elementa substance that is composed of only one type of atom.
Compounda substance that is composed of more than one type of atom bonded together.
MetalsElements located on - the left and center in the periodic table - most are silvery in color - most are solid at room temperature
Nonmetal- located at the right side of the periodic table. - many solids and several gases
Periodic Table of Elementsa chart constructed by Dmitri Mendeleev to arrange the elements in such a way as to group similar elements together.
Halogen- Elements next to the last column of the periodic table. - shows a tendency to form compounds with alkali and alkaline earth metals.
Sublimeto turn from a solid into a gas
Noble Gases- elements in the last column of the periodic table - gases - do not combine with other elements except under very unusual circumstances.
Moleculetiny group of two or more atoms that are bonded tightly together.
Crystala geometric arrangement of atoms
Ionic Compounda compound composed of charged atoms or groups of atoms.
Chemical reactionWhen atoms of elements or compounds are rearranged to form new substances
Combustion- burning - a chemical reaction in which a substance reacts rapidly with oxygen

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