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workwhen a force causes an object to move in a direction of the force
joulethe unit used to express work, also called the Newton meter
powerthe rate at which work is done
wattthe unit used to express power, also joules per second
machinea device that helps make work easier by changing the size or direction of the force
mechanical advantagetells you how many times the machine multiplies force
formula for powerP = W/t
formula for mechanical advantageMA = output force/input force
work inputthe work you do on a machine
work outputthe work done by the machine
mechanical efficiencya comparison of a machine's work output with the work input
levera simple machine consisting of a bar that pivots at a fixed point called a fulcrum
compound machinemachines that are made out of two or more machines
inclined planea simple machine that is a straight slanted surface
wedgeis a double inclined plane that moves
screwis an inclined plane that is wrapped in a spiral
wheel and axlea simple machine consisting of two circular objects of different sizes
pulleyis a simple machine consisting of a grooved wheel that holds a rope or cable
formula for mechanical efficiencywork output/ work input
formula for workW=F x d

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