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Plants that have tubes in their roots, stems, and leavesVascular
Plants that do not have tubes, and pass water and nutrients from cell to cellNonvascular
Tubes in plants that carry food (sugar) that is made in the leaves to other parts of the plantPhloem
Tubes in plants that carry water and minerals upward from the roots to the leavesXylem
A molecule that absorbs red and blue light and reflects green light. (The green stuff in plants)chlorophyll
The process by which green plants make sugar from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of light.Photosynthesis
A waste gas produced during cellular respiration in animals. Plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis.Carbon dioxide
A waste gas produced by plants during photosynthesis which is used by all the plants and animals during cellular respiration.Oxygen
A nutrient that xylem transports to the leave in a vascular plantMineral
A process by which scientists identify and organize organisms such as plantsClassification
A leaf vein pattern in which there are several veins that start at one point near the base (the veins look like the fingers on a hand)Palmate
A leaf vein pattern that looks like a feather. There is one main vein that has smaller veins branching off sideways from it.Pinnate
A leaf vein pattern in which the veins are straight lines all running in the same direction.Parallel
Has many small root hairs.A root that takes in large amounts of water, quickly. Roots found on many grasses and weeds.Fibrous Roots
One thick long root.A root that anchors big tall vascular plants (trees). A root that can get deep ground water.Tap Root
A root found where ground is typically really hard or where ground is really soft and loose.Proproot
This root stores extra food (sugar) that it can use during short changes in weather.Storage Root
Supports the leaves, and holds them high for photosynthesis. Houses the xylem and phloem (vascular bundles)Stem
Considered the plant's food factory.Leaves
The hole(s) at the bottom of the leaf. The part on a plant that allows gases to enter and exit the leaf.Stomata
The part of the flower that is made up of the anther and filament.Stamen
The part of the stamen that makes and holds the pollen.Anther
The part of the stamen that holds the anther up so it can touch the animals + other pollinators entering the plant.Filament
Part of the flower used for reproduction made of the stigma, style, and ovary.Pistil
Small opening in the top of the pistil. It is sticky to help the flower collect pollen.Stigma
Long tube of the pistil connecting the stigma to the ovary.Style
The part of the flower that holds the eggs in sections called ovules.Ovary

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