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PollutantAnything that causes pollution
PollutionUnwanted change in the environment caused by substances (wastes, radiation)
Forms of PollutionGarbage, chemicals, radiation, gases, noise)
Hazardous WasteWaste that can catch fire, corrode, explode, or make people sick
Radioactive wasteWaste from a nuclear power plant what gives off radiation
Renewable ResourcesA natural resource that can be replaced at the same rate it is consumed (wind, solar)
Nonrenewable ResourcesA resource that forms at a rate that is much slower than the rate it is used (minerals, fossil fuels (coal)
Exotic SpeciesAn organism that makes a home for itself in a new place outside of its native home
OverpopulationThe presence of too many individuals in an area for the available resources
HabitatWhere an organism lives
BiodiversityA habitat's own number of variety of organism
DeforestationClear cutting of a forest for use to make products
Point-source PollutionPollution that comes from one source (oil spills)
Nonpoint-source PollutionPollution that comes from many sources and runs into the rivers, lakes and ocean
ConservationPreservation and use of natural resources (Ride a bike to save fuel)
3 R's to conserveReduce, Reuse, and Recycle
BiodegradableSomething that can be broken down by living organisms, such as bacteria
RecycleThe process of recovering valuable or useful materials from waste or scrap
Resource RecoveryUsing waste to create energy (Burning garbage to make electricity)
Endangered Species ActA law that forbids a species that is close to extinction. This helps keep the biodiversity in check
Environmental Protection Act (EPA)A government agency that helps protect the environment
Environmental StrategiesReduce Pollution, Reduce Pesticide Use, Protect Habitats, Learn about Local Issues, Develop Alternative Energy Sources

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