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Joseph Smith Jr. Served: 1830-18441st
Brigham Young Served: 1847-18772nd
John Taylor Served: 1880-18873rd
Wilford Woodruff Served: 1887-18984th
Lorenzo Snow Served: 1898-19015th
Joseph F. Smith Served: 1901-19186th
Heber J. Grant Served: 1918-19457th
George Albert Smith Served: 1945-19518th
David O. McKay Served: 1951-19709th
Joseph Fielding Smith Served: 1970-197210th
Harold B. Lee Served: 1972-197311th
Spencer W. Kimball Served: 1973-198512th
Ezra Taft Benson Served: 1985-199413th
Howard W. Hunter Served: 1994-199514th
Gordon B. Hinckley Served: 1995-200815th
Thomas S. Monson Served: 2008-Current16th

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