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Occurs when light passes between two different mediums.Refraction
The electronic medium for the recording, copying, and broadcasting of moving visual images.Video Signal
The portion of the electromagnetic scale humans can see.Visible light
Photoreceptor cell that is sensitive to luminanceRods
Measure of the size of a triad (RGB) plus the distance between triads, and is usually measured in millimeters.Dot-Pitch
A color the brain makes up when only the red and blue cones fire. No green.Magenta
Smallest addressable point in video raster that has specific luminance and colorPixel
Represents the intensity of an image. contains brightness information.Luminance
Represents color information.Chrominance
The number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed.Display Resolution
Ratio between display, video raster width/heightAspect Ratio
The number of single images or frames that are projected into a specific interval.Frame Rates
To prevent loss of signal quality in analog, how would the signal be boosted.With line drivers.
Portion of the color space that a device can accurately displayColor Gamut
A two channel system where human and chroma each have their own channel. All colors are transmitted simultaneously.Y/C Color Format
This format consists of a luma only channel as well as a blue minus luma channel and a red minus luma channel.YUV Format
Format used when red, green, and blue are used additively to create the image.RGB Format
Signal type that is analog only. Otherwise known as CVBS (color, video, blanking and sync). No EDID support.Composite
Signal type with two channel mini DIN connector with both luminance and chrominance channelsS Video
Breaks out into multiple channels YUV and RGB (HV)Component
What does EDID stand for?Extended Display Identification Data Structure
What does HDCP stand for?High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
Information captured by cells in the retina remain for how long?1/25th of a second
Light is made up of _______Photons

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