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Description of PsoriasisA chronic, pruritic, inflammatory skin disorder characterized by rapid proliferation of epidermal cells. Have frequent remissions and exacerbations. Most common form occur with plaque type lesions
Risk Factors for PsoriasisStreptococcal infection Family Hx Stress Local trauma or irritation
Assessment Findings in PsoriasisSilvery, white scales on erythematous base Pruritus Common distribution to elbows, knees, and scalp May also appear on eyebrows, ears, trunk Nails may be pitted Positive Auspitz sign (pinpoint bleeding occurs when lesions are scraped)
Diagnostic Studies for PsoriasisUsually none needed but may do biopsy if uncertain about diagnosis May order strep swab if guttate psoriasis is suspected KOH to rule out fungal infection ESR: often increased If joint involvement; Rheumatoid factor
Nonpharmacologic Management of PsoriasisWarm soaks to remove thickened plaques Solar radiation, UV radiation Oatmeal bath for itching Wet dressings (Burrows Solution) for itching
Pharmacologic Management for PsoriasisEmolliants to hydrate skin Topical Steroids Intralesional steroid injections Tar solutions alone or in combination with topical steroids Salicylic acid gel or ointment as a keratolytic agent UV lamps and sunlight Methotrexate, Etanercept (Enbrel), used for severe cases

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