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Semi colon ;Used to separate related independent clauses. Example: The aircraft is extremely safe; it has groundbreaking technology.
Comma ,Helps organise different parts of a sentence and is used within relative clauses. Example: The aircraft, created by Richard Branson, will take passengers soon.
Colon :Use before a list or explanation and follows a clause that can stand alone Example: The aircraft is well designed: it is white and red.
Quotation Marks " "To show us when someone is talking or what someone has said. Example: "This is an experience like never before!"
AdverbsThey modify verbs to describe how something is done. Example: The aircraft jetted into space quickly.
ConjunctionsWords or phrases to link sentences together Example: As well as... Furthermore... In addition to...
Modal VerbsThey modify other verbs and suggest possibility. Example: The space aircraft must be safe for travel.
ConjunctionsThese link two words or phrases together. Example: The aircraft is safe as well as comfortable.

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