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STATIONA place designated in the timetable station column by name.
SINGLE TRACKThe main track upon which trains are operated both directions.
TRAINAn engine or more than one engine coupled, with or without cars, displaying a marker and authorized to operate on a main track
YARD LIMITSA portion of main track designated by yard limit signs and by timetable, train order Form T or track bulletin,( which trains and engines use as prescribed by rule 93)
YARDA system of tracks, other than main tracks and sidings, used for making up trains, sorting of cars and other purposes.
SIDINGA track auxiliary to the main track for meeting or passing trains.
SPUR TRACKShort, usually dead-end section of track used to access a facility or loading/unloading ramp. It also can be used to temporarily store equipment.
TRACK BULLETINA notice containing information as to track conditions or other conditions, necessary for the safe operation of trains or engines.
TRACK WARRANT CONTROL (TWC)A method of authorizing movements of trains or engines or protecting men or machines on a main track within specified limits in territory designated by special instructions or order.
BLOCKA length of track between consecutive block signals or from a block Signal to the end of block system limits, governed by block signals, cab signals or both.
FIXED SIGNALA signal of fixed location indicating a condition affecting the movement of a train.
BLOCK SIGNALA fixed signal at the entrance of a block to govern trains and engines entering and using that block.
BLOCK SYSTEMA block or series of consecutive blocks within APB, ABS, ACS, CTC or interlocking limits
AUTOMATIC BLOCK SIGNAL SYSTEM (ABS)A series of consecutive blocks governed by block signals, cab signals or both, actuated by a train, engine or by certain conditions affecting the use of a block.
SIGNAL ASPECTThe appearance of a fixed signal conveying an indication as viewed from the direction of an approaching train; or the appearance or a cab signal conveying an indication as viewed by an observer in the cab.
SIGNAL INDICATIONThe information conveyed by signal aspect.
ABSOLUTE SIGNALA block or interlocking signal designated by an "A" market or the absence of a number plate.
DOUBLE TRACK (DT)Two main tracks, on one of the current of traffic is in a specified direction, and on the other in the opposite direction.
CURRENT OF TRAFFICThe movement of trains on a main track, in one direction, specified by the rules.
CROSSOVERA track connection between two adjacent tracks.
CENTRALIZED TRAFFIC CONTROL (CTC)A remotely controlled block signal system under which train movements are authorized by block signals whose indicators supersede the superiority of trains.
CONTROL POINTA location designated by number where signals and/or switches of a CTC system are controlled by control operator.
CONTROLLED SIDINGA siding with CTC or interlocking limits, the authorization for use of which is governed by signal indication or control operator.
AUTOMATIC CAB SIGNAL SYSTEMA system which provides for the automatic operation of the cab signals and cab warning whistle.
ABSOLUTE BLOCKA length of track in which no train or engine is permitted to enter while it is occupied by another train or engine.
TIMETABLEThe authority for the movement of regular trains subject to the rules. It may contain classified schedules and includes special instructions.

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