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13th amendmentFreed all slaves
14th amendmentGave citizenship rights to all Americans
15th amendmentGuaranteed all African American Men the right to vote
Jim Crow LawsLaws that enforced segregation
DemocratsStrongly opposed reconstruction sent military into the south to enforce laws
RepublicansKnown as the radicals - Lincoln's political party
Black CodesLaws that restricted freed slaves rights...such as voting ...must be able to read or pay a poll tax... or forbidding them to sit on juries in court.
SharecroppingThis was when freedmen rented landed and supplies for farming...doing just as they had been prior to the end of slavery...and made little to no profit
John Wilkes BoothAssassinated President Lincoln inside of the Ford Theater
Andrew JohnsonVice President that became president after Lincoln's assignation The first American president to be impeached
Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction planThe new president favored quick restoration of the seceded states to the Union. His plans did -not give protection to the former slaves -major leader's should be punished
President Johnson's 2 requirements for Southern states reentering the union-10% plan (10% pledge loyalty) - states MUST agree the 14th & 15th amendments
Cash cropCrop you grow with the intent to sell
VetoVote against
Segregationseparating people into groups based on race, color, religion, gender, and or age
FreedmenFreed slaves (male and female)
Freedmen BureauAgency designed to provide assistance to recently freed slaves
CarpetbaggersNortherners that moved south in hopes of starting new businesses after the Civil War
ScalawagsWhite southerners that supported reconstruction
Ku Klux KlanViolent, racist group formed to intimidate African Americans and other races
ReconstructionRebirth and building of the nation after the Civil War
ConstitutionFramework, beliefs, and governing document that the US was built upon
RatifyAn official agreement
AmendmentA change to a document (The Constitution)
ImpeachRemove from office
abolishTo end/do away with something
Describe the north after the Civil War.Many recently freed slaves moved north in search of a better life since it had not been destroyed like the south
Describe the south after the Civil War.It was left in ruins & poverty was high
Who took over as leader of the country after President Lincoln diedAndrew Johnson

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