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JupiterKing of the Gods
JunoQueen of the Gods
NeptuneGod of the Sea
PlutoGod of Death
ApolloGod of the Sun
DianaGoddess of the Moon
MarsGod of War
VenusGoddess of Love
CupidGod of Love
MercuryMessenger of the Gods
MinervaGoddess of Wisdom
CeresThe Earth Goddess
ProserpineGoddess of the Underworld
VulcanThe Smith God
BacchusGod of Wine
SaturnGod of Time
VestaGoddess of the Home
JanusGod of Doors
Uranus and GaiaParents of Saturn
MaiaGoddess of Growth
FloraGoddess of Flowers
PlutusGod of Wealth

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