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Description of RoseolaA viral illness characterized by 3-5 days of high fever with a sudden disappearance of fever and the appearance of a blanching maculopapular rash lasting 1-2 days
Risk Factors for RoseolaContact with saliva/feces of a roseola pt during the fever phase (most contagious) or during the 7-17 day incubation period
Assessment Findings in RoseolaSudden onset of fever up to 104F for 3-5 days Child does not seem as ill as degree of fever would indicate Signs of mild upper respiratory infxn may or may not be present Sudden disappearance of fever and appearance of maculopapular rash on trunk and spreading to extremities Nonpruritic rash Rash blanches with pressure
Nonpharmacologic Management of RoseolaSupportive care Cooling measures for elevated temperatures
Pharmacologic Management of RoseolaAnalgesics/ Antipyretics Do not use aspirin due to risk of Reye's syndrome
Expected Course of RoseolaBenign and self-limited Child may return to daycare as soon as afebrile

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