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In the RoundA freestanding sculpted work that can be viewed from all sides.
ReliefA raised form on a largely flat background.
Bas-Relief (Low Relief)A sculpture carved with very little depth. Sculptor's marks are shallow.
High ReliefA carved panel where the figures project with a great deal of depth from the background.
Closed-Form SculptureCarving (subtracting) from a material. Probably started as a rectangular prism.
Free-Standing SculptureNot intended to be experienced from every point of view. (Ex: Egyptian sculpture)
ArtifactAn object made by a person.
Found ObjectAn object found by an artist and presented, with litle or no alteration, as part of a work or as a finished work of art in itself.
Kinetic SculptureSculpture that moves.
Methods of SculptureCarving, modeling, casting, earthworks, construction, and readymades.
CarvingSubtractive method of sculpture.
ModelingAdditive process that usually uses clay and wax. An armature is used with clay.
CastingAdditive process that involves adding a liquid or pliable material to a mold. Lost-Wax Process.
EarthworksAdditive process on a large scale. Monumental sculptures that used the Earth's surface as material.
ConstructionAdditive process. Duh. Considered relatively new.
ReadymadesAn everyday object presented as a work of art. An artifact or a found object.
Installation SculptureInvolves the construction of a space or the assembly of objects to create an environment. Space is used as the fundamental element.

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