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Description of Skin CancerMalignant tumors of the skin arising from various skin layers
Etiology of Skin CancerAlways due to over exposure of skin to UV rays
Risk Factors for Skin CancerExposure to UV rays, thermal burns, or radiation Fair skin: blondes and redheads Light blue or green eye color Improper and infrequent use of sunscreen Blistering sunburn in adolescence Intense, episodic sun exposure Living in sunny climates
Squamous Cell Carcinoma Assessment FindingsCommon on sun exposed areas of the skin Lower lip is common location in smokers Nodule has indistinct margins; surface is firm, scaly, irregular and may bleed easily
Basal Cell Carcinoma Assessment FindingsCommon in 40-60 year olds Most common sites are head (tip of nose) and neck Usual appearance is pearly domed nodule with overlying telangiectatic vessels; later, central ulceration and crusting
Malignant Melanoma Assessment FindingsUsual age is early 40s ABCDE characteristics of any lesion Hypo or hyperpigmentation, bleeding, scaling, texture, or size change of an existing mole or lesion Common in Caucasians on back, lower leg Common in African Americans on hands, feet, nails
ABCDEs of lesion in Skin CancerA-Asymmetry B-Border is irregular C-Color variegation D-Diameter >6mm E-Elevation above level of skin
Diagnostic Studies of Skin CancerRemoval of Lesion Surgical Biopsy
Nonpharmacologic Management of Skin CancerSurgical biopsy Surgical removal of lesion Lymph node excision in melanoma
Pharmacologic Management of Skin CancerChemotherapy/ Immunotherapy for melanoma
Expected Course in Skin CancersSC: May metastasize BC: Slow-growing, rarely metastasizes; often there is recurrence within 5 years at another site Malignant Melanoma: Accounts for over 60% of skin cancer deaths, metastasizes to any organ
Follow-Up for Skin CancersWith dermatologist or surgeon

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