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What are the layers of the Skin?1. The Epidermis 2. The Dermis 3. The Subcutaneous
What are the 5 layers of the Epidermis?1. Cornified 2. Transluscent 3. Granular 4. Spinous 5. Germinal or Basal
The Epidermis is...The outer layer, which consists of 5 layers.
The Cornified layer is...The outermost layer (thinnest), & has no cellular structure.
The Translucent layer is...Made up of flat cells, which have no nuclei or outlines.
The Granular layer is...The cells contain granuals & they represent early degeneration.
The Spinous layer have...Cells w/many sides & they represent early degeneration.
The Germinal or Basal layer is...The deepest of the Epidermis & the cells continue to divide. They contain Keratin & Melonin.
The Dermis/Corium or True Skin have 2 receptors...1. Pacinian Corpuscle - Deep pressure. 2. Meissner's Corpuscle - Light Touch.
What are the 2 layers of the Dermis?1. Papillary 2. Reticular
What is Papillary?Is next to the Epidermis, & has nipple projections of Germinal Cells that fit into the pits of the Papulla. (Fingerprints)
What is Reticular?Is beneath the Papulla & is the layer w/the blood vessels.

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