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Pair bondstable relationship of animals of opposite sex,ensures mating
HeirachyOrder of individuals in a group, ranked in dominance
Alpha AnimalMost dominant member of the group
Dominantat the top of the Heirachy, dominant gesture signifies strength
SubordinateInferior rank or status
SubmissiveAnimal that is not dominant
Ecological nicheThe role of an organism in a community
Gause's Principlesimilar species cannot co-exist for long in the same ecological niche
Leibigs lawGrowth is controlled by the limiting factor
CamouflageConcealment process, in which an animal blends in with something (usual background)
MimicryAdaptive similarities between unrelated species
Bastesian MimicryResemblance of a harmless species to one that is poisonious
Mullerian MimicryBetween unpalatable species
HormoneMoves from one place to activate a chemical in another place
MonogamyOne male to one female per season e.g. gannet
OviparousLays eggs
ViviparousProduces live young
Monotrememammal that lays eggs

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