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genrecategory or type of literature
fictionwriting about invented people, places, or events
short fictionwriting that focuses on a small number of events or on just one event; can usually be read in a singe sitting
plotsequence of events in a fictional work
expositionintroduces a story's setting, characters, and situation
rising actiondevelops the conflicts, or problems, in the story
climaxpoint of greatest interest or suspense in the story
falling actionlogical result of the climax
resolutiongives the story's final outcome
conflictstruggle between people, ideas, or forces
external conflicta character struggles against some outside force, such as another person, animal, nature, or society
internal conflicta character struggles between his or her own opposing feelings or goals
charactersthe individuals in a fictional work
protagonistmain character; charcter the action revolves around
antagonistperson or force in society or nature who opposes the main character
characterizationmethods the author uses to develop a character
direct characterizationauthor makes direct statements about a caracter
indirect characterizationauthor reveals a character through the character's words and actions and through what other characters think and say about the character
narratorindividual telling the story
point of view (vantage point)standpoint from which a story is told
first-person point of viewnarrator is a character in the story using "I"
third-person point of viewnarrator is someone otside the story
third-person limited point of viewoutside narrator tells events as only one character perceives them
third-person omniscientthe "all-knowing" outside narrator knows everything about all the characters and events
themecentral message of a story; may be stated directly or need to be implied; the message about life as understood by the reader
dialoguewritten conversation between characters in a story
settingtime and place of action in a work of fiction; includes the customs, values, and beliefs of a place or time, weather, clothing, transportation, scenery, etc.

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