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What is the function of the brain?It coordinates almost every mental and physical activity
What are the four major divisions of the brain?Cerebrum Cerebellum Diancephalon Brain Stem
Cerebrum- Largest & most upperpart of the brain - Controls consciousness, memory, sensations, emotions & voluntary movements
Cerebral CortexThe surface of the cerebrum
ElevationsGyri (Singular: gyrus
Groovessulci (singular: sulcus)
Divisions of the Cerebrum- Right Cerebral Hemishpere - Left Hemisphere
What divides the CerebrumLongitudinal Fissure
What is the cerebellum?-Attaches to the brain stem -Maintains muscle tone -Coordinates movement & balance
Diencephalon-Located between the midbrain and the cerebrum -Contains the thalmus & hypothalmus
Thalmus-Receives all sensory stimuli (except those of smell) and relays them to the cerebral cortex
Hypothalmus-Small region located just below the thalmus -Responsible for activating, controlling & integrating peripheral autonomic NS, Endocrin process, sensory: sleep appetite, temperature
Pineal Body-A.K.A. Pineal Gland - Regulates biological clock -Produces melatonin -regulates day/night cycle -Regulates onset of puberty -Regulates menstrual cycle
Brain Stem-Region between the diencephalon and the spinal cord -Consists of: Midbrain, pons, & medulla oblongata
MidbrainUpper part of the brain stem
PonsLocated between the midbrain & medulla -Acts as a bridge to the upper portion of the brain
Medulla Oblongata-Lowest part of the brain stem -Continuous with the spinal cord -Conducts impulses between the brain & spinal cord -Controls vital functions (ie: respiration, blood pressure, heart rate)
What is the function of the spinal cord-Pathway for impulses traveling to and from the brain -Carries 31 pair of spinal nerves that affect limbs and lower part of body
What protects the spinal cord?- CSF - Three layers of the menenges -The bony encasement of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae

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