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Anatomical PositionSubject is in upright position, facing front w/palms turned to the front.
Median LineA line drawn perpendicular through the ctr. of the forehead,nose,chin,chest,abdomen,pelvis,and between the legs, dividing the body into a right & left half.
PlaneA real or imaginary flat surface going through the body.
Midsagittal Plane or Median PlaneA plane through the midline of the body.
Sagittal PlaneAny plane parallel to the midsagittal plane.
Frontal or Coronal PlaneA plane that divides the body front to back.
Transverse or Horizontal PlaneA plane that cuts across the body at a right angle to the long axis.
SectionA piece cut from the body similar to a slice of bread.
MedialThe part nearest to the midline of the body.
LateralThe part farthest from the midline of the body.
AnteriorTowards the front.
PosteriorTowards the back.
VentralAnterior part.
DorsalPosterior part.
PalmarPalm of the hand.
PlantarSole of the foot.
VolarEither the palm (hand) or sole (foot).
SuperiorTowards the head.
InferiorAway from the head.
CephalicHead end of the body.
CaudalTail end of the body.
Cranialaka. Cephalic
CephaladTowards the head.
ProximalThe part closest to its source or origin.
DistalThe part farthest from the source or origin.
SupineLying on back with face up.
ProneLying face down.
Longitudinalaka. Lengthwise.
TransverseCrossways to the length of a structure.
VerticalPerpendicular to the horizon.
HorizontalParallel to the horizon.
CentralThe inner part.
PeripheralOn or near the surface.
SuperficialOn or near the surface.
MajorLarger or greater.
MinorSmaller or lesser.
InternalInside of the body.
ExternalOutside of the body.

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