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Law of Conservation of EnergyEnergy cannot be destroyed, total energy should always be the same in a closed system.
EnergyThe ability to cause change
WorkThe transfer of energy that occurs when a force is applied over a distance
Joule (J)Unit measure for energy and work
Chemical Potential EnergyEnergy stored in chemical bonds
Gravitational Potential EnergyStored energy in an object that can fall
Elastic Potential EnergyStored energy in an object that can stretch or compress (ex. rubber bands)
Kinetic EnergyThe energy of an object in motion
Mechanical EnergyThe energy of an object that is moving or has potential to move
Chemical EnergyEnergy from fuel (ex. food you eat, chemical reactions
Sound EnergyCarried by sound waves, when objects are made to vibrate producing sound
Thermal EnergyHeat energy from particles in matter due to their random motion
Electric EnergyEnergy found in the flow of electrons, carried in an electrical current (ex. batteries)
Nuclear energyStored in nucleus of an atom, when released atom split (ex. atomic energy)
Radiant Energy or solar energyFrom sun, carried by electromagnetic waves

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