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What is shock?Derpression in the body's circulatory system. Occurs when the body responds to either emotional or physical stress
Name signs and symptoms of shock.pale, cool clammy skin , restless, weak, fearful, anxious, cofusion, disoriented, weak & rapid pulse, shallow and rapid resps, cyanosis of lips and nailbeds.
Treatment for shock?W=warmth A=ABC R=rest and assurance T=Treat cause S=Semi-prone (recovery position)
What is anaphalaxis?Severe life threatening allergic reaction
Signs and Symptoms of anaphalaxis?Sudden, rapid onser, itch, rash/hives, difficulty breathing/wheezing, reduced LOC, confused, swelling of central face - lips, eyes, tongue, face
Treatment of anaphalaxis?Assist with meds - epipen Assess responsiveness, ABC, CPR if required, contact EMS, Treat shock, Oxygen as necessary
What is aspiration?Water or food enter the airways
Signs and Symptoms of aspiration?coughing, raspy breathing, pain in chest, nausea, distress, anxiety
Treatment of aspiration?Most cope with it by coughing, Assess responsiveness, ABC, CPR if required, seek medical attention if breathing difficulties wihtin next 72 hours treat for shock and arrange transportation to hospital by EMS
What is asthma?breathing disorder with sensativity and spasms of airways - narrowing of bronchioles and increased mucous secretion
Signs and symptoms of asthma?difficulty breathing, anxious, wheezing
Treatment for asthma?Comfortable position, help victim take meds if he has some, loosen tight clothes at neck/chest, encourage purse-lip breathing, treat for shock. If increase in severity call EMS

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