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Shield VolcanoesBuilt out of layers of lava from repeated ( non- explosive ) eruptions. Because the lava is very runny, it spreads over a wide area and has gently sloping sides.
Cinder Cone VolcanoesVolcanic cones are made entirely of pyroclastic material from a moderately explosive volcano. The material forms a narrow base, and erodes quickly because the particles are not cemented together
Composite ( Stratovolcanoes )Formed by explosive eruptions followed by quieter outporings of lava. This combination of pyroclastic ( hot, rocky, fragmented ash ) and runny lava created bases that get deeper towards the summit.
Volcanoa mountain that forms when molten rock, called magma, is forced to the Earth's surface
Lavamagma that flows onto the Earth's surface.
Pyroclastic Materialconsists of the molten rock fragmens created by explosive volcanic eruptions
MagmaDeep underground the driving force that creates volcanoes is hot, liquid rock known as magma that collects in chambers.
VentsThe holes in the Earth's crust that magma rises through
CraterThe top, central, funnel shaped vent of a volcano.

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