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Polling PlaceA voting district
Absentte ballotA ballot for people who cannot get to the polls to vote
Split TicketVoting for candidates from both political parties
Media pollingA way of predicting winners of an eledction before all the votes are officially counted
ApathyLack of interest resulting in low voter turn out.
InitiativeThe way citizens can propose new laws or state constitutional amendments
Polling placeWhere voting is carried out
Straight TicketVoting for candidates all in the same political party.
House of RepresentativePart of Government which elects the president if neither presidential candidates gets a clear majority votes
ReferendumA way for citizens to remove old or existing laws
ElectorateThe group of people eligible to vote.
TalliesWhat is taken to the elction board after the polls close along with all the ballots
MandateAn issue voted on if enough people sign a petition about it.
Recall ElectionWhen citizens want to remove a public offical from office
Soft moneyDonations given to a political party and not designated for a particular candidate.
18 years oldAge at which you are allowed to vote

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