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WeatherThe condition of the air.
AtmosphereThe layer of the air that surrounds the earth.
RadiateSend out rays of heat
3 Forms Water Can Be in the Air1. Solid 2. Liquid 3. Gas
4 Components of the Water Cycle1. Evaporation 2. Condensation 3. Precipitation 4. Accumulation
PrecipitationWater falling as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
CondensationWater that collects as droplets on a cold surface when humid air is in contact with it.
EvaporateTo change into vapor
Water VaporWater in the gaseous form.
SleetBeads of ice that begin as rain falling through freezing air.
SnowFrozen crystals of water that fall as flakes.
DropletA very small drop
DewAtmospheric vapor that condenses into droplets.
HailFrozen raindrops that are bounced up and down by the air in a thunderstorm before they fall to earth in the shape of stones.
HumidTo be full of vapor
LightningElectricity that jumps from one cloud to another or from a cloud to earth.
ThunderThe sound that lightning makes
HurricaneA windstorm that builds up over the warm ocean.
TornadoA windstorm that builds up over hot land.

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