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WWI was also calledThe Great War
When did WWI startJuly 28, 1914
When did WWI endNov 11, 1917
What was the immediate cause of WWIAssassination of Archduke Ferdinand & his wife
Name 4 underlying causes of WWINationalism, Imperialism, System of Alliances, & Military Buildup
What were the 2 sides fighting calledCentral Powers & Allied Powers
Name the 3 Fronts of WWIWestern, Eastern, & Italian (Southern)
Name 5 new weapons used in WWIU-boats, zeppelins, tanks, poison gas, submachine gun
What style of fighting was used during WWITrench warfare
The Triple Alliance or Central Powers were which countriesGermany, Sustria-Hungary, & Italy
The Triple Entent or Allied Powers were which countriesFrance, Great Britain, and Russia
Where did the spark that started the war take placeSarajevo
Who assassinated the Archduke of Austria-HungaryGavrilo Princip
What position did the US take at the start of WWINeutrality
Which country was the 1st to declare warAustria-Hungary
What action did the British use that hurt the GermansBlockade
British passanger ship that was sunk by Germans with 128 Americans aboardLusitania
French passenger ship that was attacked by German U-boats causing Americans to consider entering the war.Sussex
Promise by Germans not to fire on non merchants ships without warning was theSussex Pledge
Which country switched sides during the warItaly
Which country dropped out of the warRussia
President of the US during the warWoodrow Wilson
German telegram promising US territory to MexicoZimmermann Note
Commander of AEFJohn Pershing

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